I. LIMITATIONS: For Each Section A - F Current Evaluation Other (Specify): Date Last SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: - - (Date) 12 Months After Onset: Date Continued on Page 2 Base your conclusions on all evidence in file (clinical and laboratory findings; symptoms; observations, lay evidence; reports of daily activities; etc.).
An area of occupation (and a 'measurement of functional limitation', if possible). Two parts of a problem statement: (Part 2) A 'contributing factor' to be treated in occupational therapy (and a measurement for the contributing factor, if possible).
Aug 14, 2017 · The functional range of motion is taken from the protractor in the form of a measurement of how many degrees of motion the joint allowed. An example of this is knee flexion measurement. The person being examined should start with her leg straight and bring the foot as close to the buttocks as possible.
Functional Limitation. Functional limitation is defined as the "restriction or lack of ability to perform an action or activity in the manner or within the range considered normal that results from impairment." From: Murray and Nadel's Textbook of Respiratory Medicine (Sixth Edition), 2016. Related terms: Range of Motion; Heart Failure ...